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Essener-Rostocker Hütte 2.208m

Hütte Winter

A beautiful view to the glaciers

The Essener and Rostocker Hütte is a beautiful and important starting point along the Venedigerhöhenweg and along of the Skiroute Hoch Tirol. The place offers a breathtaking panorama to the three thousand meter high mountain peaks. Take part in an alpine course in the area of the Dreiherrn-,Simony- and Malhamsummit to get more experience in mountaineering an climbing. The hut is also open for ski tourer.

Ascent: Parking area Ströden 2 ½ h, after about 20 minutes possibilty for your luggage transport

Huts nearby: Johannishütte  4 h, Clarahütte via Ströden 5 h, Clarahütte

via Hochkarscharte 6 1/2 h (black path), Warnsdorferhütte 5 ½ h, Kürsingerhütte 6h

Tours: Dreiherrnspitze 5 ½ h, Simonyspitzen 3 ½ h, Malhamspitzen 4 ½ h,

Quirl 4 h, Maurerkeesköpfe 3 ½ h, Großer Geiger 4 h, Großer Happ 3 ½ h, Rostocker

Eck 2 ½ h, Hintere Gumbachspitze 3 ½ h, Vorderer Gumbachspitz 4 ½ h

Via ferrata Türmljoch: Information and registration: Venediger-Bergführer (mountain guides) +43 699 10696544

Cash payment and electronic purse.

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02.06.2022 - 09.10.2022

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02.06.2022 - 09.10.2022
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